Tint is a nice little tetris game you can play in your Terminal


Do you play games on Linux?

Ok, what about games running inside the terminal?

Terminal is not only a place where you have to be very serious. It can also be relaxing. Tint is a Tetris clone which runs inside the terminal. The cool looking layout and colours are certainly appealing to anyone even for a non-gamer. Controls help is listed on the same screen, it is obvious that left and right arrows move the block and the key ‘K’ to rotate the block.

But then it becomes very serious. There are 9 levels in total, and the game is challenging right from the start.

Tint has been residing on your software center for years without you knowing it. So install it from your repository.

Github: https://github.com/DavidGriffith/tint

You can also try another Tetris game which is also named ‘TinT’ which stands for ‘Tint is not Tetris’  by Marian Schedenig from his website.


This one is a Java executable.

  • Marian Schedenig

    Despite the link at the end of the article, which points to my website, I did not in fact write the version of Tetris described here (and shown in the screenshot). My own version is written in Java and not console based, though it has the same name – I believed I’d invented the name I wrote mine; at least I wasn’t aware of a different version already named TINT at that time.

    Sorry for the confusion. This appears to be a GitHub project for the version described above:

    • Vinod

      Thanks. I had several links related to Tint. But messed up. Corrected in the post.