Take a look at LibreOffice 5.3 features


LibreOffice Document Foundation announced the latest LibreOffice 5.3 version today. This release brings a bunch of new features that makes it a strong contender among other office suite software. Let’s take a look at the new LibreOffice 5.3 features.

LibreOffice Writer now has full fledged table styling support which is preserved when editing such as adding or deleting rows or columns. New drawing toolbox, page styling, goto page options are all can be accessed quickly without the need to dive deep into the settings.

The text layout engine is also changed to a new one for keeping the text consistent around all the platforms. The engine now supports vertical left-to-right mode which is for some traditional languages.

A new color palette system, document signing, safe mode, pdf import etc. are to name a few among the biggest changes that LibreOffice brings to the users. The complete changelog is here.

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LibreOffice can be downloaded from here.


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