The only calculator software you ever need for Linux


You know what is a calculator application can do, right?


You don’t know.

Did you ever heard about a calculator software which does basic things, symbolic calculations, simplifying and factorization, differentiation, integration, solve equations, convert units, measurements, currencies etc? Probably not.
Qalculate is the one that can do those and more that you can never imagine. How good it was if we had this at school?

The software is a GTK+2.0 and it looks like a traditional scientific calculator application with the buttons can be hidden. There is another option to show the older calculations.

As stated above, this calculator can do various things like vector and matrix calculations, unit conversion with custom unit creation, plotting functions and data. Plotting is done through Gnuplot which is an external software you need to download.

The “extra functions” are calculated by typing the related keywords into the input field. It covers almost all of the things that are related to mathematics like algebra, calculus, combinatorics, data sets, exponents and logarithms, geometry calculations for a circle, cone, cube, prism, trapezoid and a lot more. Finding the area or perimeter of a parallelogram is as simple as typing parallelogram(base, height) or parallelogram_perimeter(side1, side2).

Other areas that are in the expertise of Qalculate are number bases, polynomials, statistics, trigonometry, mathematical and physical constants, electronics current density, charge, conductance, energy density, conductivity, physical forces, the list is endless.

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You can find Qalculate in your Linux distro package manager. Just open it and install it. You can visit the official website and read the user manual by clicking this link.