Improve your workflow using these 5 quick launchers


Are you a programmer? Or a blogger?

Do you use your keyboard than the mouse?

For people who use the keyboard more than the mouse, quick launchers are really fast in launching an app or finding things. Most launchers support the Ctrl+Space shortcut and it will open and put the focus on the search field, we only need to start typing to get the results. In this article, we will look into 5 quick-launcher apps to increase your workflow speed and thus improve productivity.


Albert is a minimalist looking quick launcher. Run applications, search files and folders, browser bookmarks, quick calculations and a lot more.

Albert has a plugin-based architecture so every feature is provided by plugins. It does come with some of the extensions by default.


Ulauncher is another simple one which can be used to run applications, search files and look up things on Google and Wikipedia. The current version is 1.0. It doesn’t come with extensive features like the other ones but a plugin API is in the roadmap.


Cerebro is an electron app, what is means that under the hood it is html5. So it can run on multiple platforms, right? Yes, Cerebro is a quick launch and search app for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Cerebro can search everything on your computer and on the internet. It can also show map previews, file previews and do translations. It also does come with plugin system and there are some good plugins to do many useful things like automate Linux systems, search StackOverflow, caniuse, emoji, gifs, IMDB etc. You can install these plugins within the app itself.

The Linux version is in the appimage format so you don’t need to install it. Just download and run it.


Gnome+Do is one of the sleek looking launchers out there. The features are the same as all the others, but unlike others, this one not only looks up things but makes us act on it.

The plugins include browse and play music from your library, open google contacts and send an email to them, even you can post to your twitter right from the app itself.


Kupfer has reborn. This looks similar to Gnome+Do. It also supports plugins similar to other ones. To know more about Kupfer, you can visit the official website here.