An RPG Puzzle game where everyone dies


Vidar is an RPG puzzle game by Razbury Games where everyone in the game world dies every day. The game is now early access on Steam and this is the one you want to play again and again because the story will be different each time you play.

As the developers say, the story is influenced by the player character as well as other factors. So even if you choose the same choices again, due to the randomized approach, the story will be completely different from the first play. The world is filled with environmental puzzles and on each play through these puzzles will also change. Yeah, so a complete new-new.

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vidar rpg puzzle game

The objective of the game is to beat the beast who eats the 24 villagers one by one each day. The player has only 24 game days to reach the beast and stop it from eating them.

vidar rpg puzzle game

The game is planned for Windows, Mac and Steam/Linux platforms to release.

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