Record your screen to GIF using Peek


If you are using Linux as a daily driver, chances are that you’ve come across the need for a GIF screen recording application. There are lots of options for a Linux user to record the screen as GIF. One of them includes recording the screen to a video and then converting the video to image sequence and then to GIF. Not that user-friendly, right?

Now you have a new native Linux software to record your screen to GIF – Peek. Using the software is so simple that you only need to drag the application window and press the Record button. To stop, you press the Stop button and the GIF will be rendered and saved to your desired path.

You can configure the delay in starting the recording after pressing the Record button and also the framerate of the GIF animation. This is how an application to be designed. Simple and to the point.

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To install in Arch Linux, there is an AUR package available in the archlinux packages.

For Ubuntu derivatives, there is a deb package here.

Github source:

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