5 drawing apps for game artists in Linux


Are you an artist who loves Linux?

No need to run away from Linux for your drawing needs. There are drawing apps available for Linux which just do that. These range from simple photo editing ones to sophisticated digital painting apps which use advanced drawing tablets.


Gimp is a direct alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It is an image compositing and photo editing software. Although everything in Photoshop can also be done on GIMP, the workflow is not the same.

Gimp website: https://www.gimp.org/


Pinta is a feature-reduced simpler alternative to Gimp. Doing basic things like resizing, cropping, conversion between various formats is a breeze when using this software. This will be your first stop for all quick image edits.

Pinta website: https://pinta-project.com/pintaproject/pinta/


One of the best vector graphics program. This can be said as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator but the workflow is much simpler. In fact, when you start drawing in Inkscape you will realize that drawing and manipulating the curves and colors are much easier than even Adobe Flash.

Inkscape website: https://inkscape.org/en/


Krita is a beast among digital drawing applications. This has all the tools, bells and whistles for one to grow as an artist. Used by professionals, Krita packs a super powerful brush engine with native drawing tablet support. Krita has brush stabilizers which smoothen the strokes if you’ve got a shaky hand. The interface can be customized to the user’s like and workflow and the most used brushes and palette popup is just a tap away on your tablet pen.

Krita website: https://krita.org/en

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MyPaint is not feature rich compared to Krita but is a very well built digital painting software which helps in simple, distraction free drawing. A simple tap of key toggles all the panels on and off. The brush engine supports various types of brushes like charcoal, pencils, ink and it is possible to create additional custom brush types.

MyPaint website: http://mypaint.org/

Happy painting.